Do You Look for “Signs” When Dating Someone New?

If only a coincidence meant true love!


Last Night’s Mad Men and Yesterday’s Modern Love = Basically The Same Thing

If someone you loved wanted to go off to war, would you support them?


The Dangers of Dating Someone You Feel “Meh” About

Ambivalence: Not exactly the best indicator of a healthy relationship.

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The Best Little Love Story I’ve Read All Year

Finally! A funny, lovely, uplifting Modern Love essay about love in your 20s.


Modern Love Recap: On Cancer and Self-Sabotage.

The author discovers a tumor and feels….relief?


Modern Love Recap: When It Comes to Dating, It’s a Small, Small World

Sometimes you have to move to the other side of the world to meet the boy next door.


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This week’s Modern Love essay is a doozy for a Monday morning…


Hey Single People, You Won’t Necessarily Be Happier Once You’re Married

Single people often forget is that being in a relationship comes with its own set of angst, boredom, and even misery.


Do You Let Your Body Size Get In The Way of Your Dating Life?

In this week’s Modern Love essay, the author reflects upon her experience dating an overweight man.

If Jane Eyre Happened In 2020

This week’s New York Times’ Modern Love essay is about a husband who becomes the principal caregiver for his wife when she suffers a psychotic breakdown.

Modern Love Recap: Why Our Generation Sucks At Romance

“Although the romantic rituals of my generation (late-night texting, loaded e-mails, Facebook stalking) may expedite courtship, they make for exceedingly dull love stories.”


Modern Love Recap: Embracing the Snake

This week’s New York Times Modern Love Column is centered around a particularly juicy metaphor — a closeted lesbian trying to get over her fear of snakes.


Modern Love Recap: Craigslist Casual Encounters Is Not For Everyone

Craigslist is great for, well, casual encounters, but what if that’s not what you’re looking for?

Modern Love Recap: The Real Importance Of A Meet-Cute

After taking a few weeks off from straight forward romance (that butterfly sex one was kind of a blip), this Sunday’s Modern Love column is straight-up misty-eyed sentimentality, in the best possible way.

Modern Love Recap: A Last-Minute Hospice Marriage

This week, a judge weighs the pros and cons of performing a last minute marriage for a man who is about to die.


Modern Love Recap: What A Horrifying Depiction of Butterfly Sex Can Teach Us About Relationships

Why are the people who like us never appealing? Why can we never get enough of people who don’t give us enough?