Surprise, Surprise: The Most Important Part of a Woman’s Dating Profile Is…

As frustrating as this is of the male sex, at least women know what they’re working with, right?

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The Most Important Rule For Guys Who Date Online: Don’t Be Creepy.

Don’t neg. Don’t overpower us with your sexuality. Just try very hard to be nice, normal guys, and we’ll take it from there.


The Two Ingredients That’ll Get Your “How Hookup…” Date Noticed

How Hookup pick a neighborhood and I’ll show you my favorite spot… then you have to show me yours!


Online Dating 101: 3 Pictures You Should Have in Your Dating Profile

Get this: people who have at least three photos on average get twice as many messages as people with only one photo.

Online Dating 101: 3 Steps to a Writing a Killer Profile

Step1 : Answer all the profile questions, no matter how silly they seem. It’s your only chance talk directly about yourself in your own words.


How Can a Guy Make His Message Stand Out?

If girls on dating sites are getting bombarded with message, how can a guy make sure his own message stands out from the crowd? We’ve got some tips.

Online Dating 101: Most People Judge You When You Mention Sex In Your Profile

According to our recent poll, if you’re looking for a relationship, you may want to leave the sex out of your profile.

Online Dating 101: Is Your Username Too Revealing?

Do women really need to know that I regularly eat warm hummus that may or may not have gone bad before I even meet them? Or that I’m A COMPLETE IDIOT?


Online Dating 101: Is Mentioning Sex In Your Profile… A Turn-Off?

It may be the equivalent of talking to strangers. Many strangers. All at once. About how much you like sex.


Online Dating 101: Keep Your Shirt On

Nothing says “I’ve got dick pics cached and ready to send to any woman who shows even the slightest interest” than a self-shot, shirtless profile photo.

What To Do If Your Date Is An Online Dating Virgin

How to react when you’re someone’s first online date.


Online Dating 101: When To Exchange Numbers/Email

How to make the move from messaging to texting to email.


Online Dating 101: How To Plan A Second Date

You met online. You had a great date. Now you want to follow up and see if there’s really a spark, or it was just a fluke. Here’s how to make it happen.


Online Dating 101: Click Through To Their Other Photos

I’ll often see a main profile pic where the flash is too bright or the person’s eyes are DEMON RED. Then I click through to their profile and often they’re quite handsome/cute/pretty in their other pictures.


Online Dating 101: How To Keep The Dates You Make

You should never let poor time management get in the way of finding love.


Online Dating 101: Don’t “Namedrop” In Your Pictures

We’ve noticed a weird trend in HowHookup profile pics: celebrities.


Online Dating 101: When Should You Change Your Profile Picture?

Choosing a picture for your dating profile is a big decision, but not a permanent one. So when should you change out for a fresh pic? Here are some questions to ask yourself.


Online Dating 101: They Viewed You, But Didn’t Message You. 5 Tips for Dealing With It

On most dating sites, you can see the people who have checked out your profile, but haven’t sent you a message. If you’re like me you think, “What am I supposed to do with this information besides let it drive me crazy?“


Online Dating 101: Try This Sneaky Picture Strategy

Upload a nice picture for your main profile pic, and keep the crazy flattering one as one of the “extras.”