Surprise, Surprise: The Most Important Part of a Woman’s Dating Profile Is…

As frustrating as this is of the male sex, at least women know what they’re working with, right?


Online Dating 101: Keep Your Shirt On

Nothing says “I’ve got dick pics cached and ready to send to any woman who shows even the slightest interest” than a self-shot, shirtless profile photo.


Online Dating 101: Click Through To Their Other Photos

I’ll often see a main profile pic where the flash is too bright or the person’s eyes are DEMON RED. Then I click through to their profile and often they’re quite handsome/cute/pretty in their other pictures.


Online Dating 101: Don’t “Namedrop” In Your Pictures

We’ve noticed a weird trend in HowHookup profile pics: celebrities.


Online Dating 101: Try This Sneaky Picture Strategy

Upload a nice picture for your main profile pic, and keep the crazy flattering one as one of the “extras.”


Online Dating 101: What’s With All These “Stuffing My Face” Profile Pics?

You like to eat and anyone who’s going to be with you needs to get that and like it. Cool. There are other ways to communicate that without posting a totally unflattering picture.


Online Dating 101: Smiling Pictures Vs. Serious Pictures

Put that smouldering picture away! Smiling pics work way better for online dating.


Online Dating 101: Uh, Definitely Don’t Photoshop Your Profile Picture

One of the (many) dating maxims we fully believe in here at HowHookup is that you can’t trick someone into dating you. So don’t waste your time trying to cosmetically alter your profile pic.

Online Dating 101: Say It With Pictures

A person ought to be able to tell A) What you actually look like and B) something about what you value in life before they read a word of your profile. It’s easier than you think — I’ll show you.