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20 Reasons Your Smartphone is Your New Boyfriend

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Love Lessons to Learn from Tony Soprano

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Can Pets Kill a Relationship? Here Are a Few That Might

There have been more than a few moments in my current relationship where I’ve found myself complaining, “Couldn’t you have gotten a normal pet, like a snake?”

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How to Have the ‘Define the Relationship’ Talk—Minus the Awkwardness

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It Took Me 6 Months to Poop Around My Boyfriend (and That’s Normal)

Should it be an indication of relationship progress when a woman slackens her bathroom attitude? Should we consider it a feat once we can fart, poop, and talk about periods around a partner?

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How to Move in Together and Still Love Each Other Afterwards

Cohabitation is a process. It requires patience, commitment, and lots upon lots of communication.

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Moving In Together? How to Decide What to Keep (and What to Chuck)

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Is Anyone Ever Truly ‘Ready’ for Cohabitation?

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