Where to Date in San Francisco: The Top 10 Date Spots

From beer gardens to tea gardens … check out what made the list of the 10 most popular San Francisco Date Spots.


5 Ingredients for the Perfect San Francisco Date

San Francisco singles are great daters: Take a cue from the Golden City and incorporate these 5 strategies into your dating life. We promise you’ll like the results.

HowHookup Date of the Day: Beachy Keen

Tweet your “How Hookup…” date idea at us or post it on our Facebook wall, and we may feature it as the Date of the Day!


HowHookup Date of the Day: Flashdance

Tweet your “How Hookup…” date idea at us or post it on our Facebook wall, and we may feature it as the Date of the Day!


San Francisco Dating Trends: Wine over Beer, Brunch over Dinner

San Francisans love to sip a little wine or hit the the trail on a date. But fancy dinners? Not so much.


5 Best On-the-Cheap Dates in San Francisco

Leah Troeh, mastermind behind The Week Intro blog, which recommends cheap but awesome events around the city, recommends a few cheap but awesome dates.


The Five Most Stylish Dates in San Francisco

Sunset Magazine Style Editor Miranda Jones lays out the greatest, most stylish dates of all time. Explore neighborhoods, seek out other cultures, and eat some awesome food.


5 Best Event Dates in San Francisco

An awesome event, like a street food festival, a wine-tasting extravaganza or a cooking class can make for a great date. Brianna Haag, the SF evangelist for Eventbrite, suggests the best upcoming events/dates.

The Great Outdoors: Best Outdoorsy Dates in the San Francisco Area

Some of the best dates are outdoors adventures, so Weekend Sherpa, one of our favorite sites covering the best of the Bay’s natural spots, suggested some unforgettable daytrips.


The Five Must-Do SF Intl Film Festival Dates

This week the serious film fans are freaking out, as the San Francisco International Film Festival is in full swing. It’s a great cultural event, a great city event and a great date event. The Fest runs through May 5.


SF’s 5 Best Boutique Shop Dates

SF has so many cute boutique shops, perfect for some cute dates. Each shop has plenty to look at, try on (for both genders) and talk about. Our friends at Secession, a definite favorite, suggest a few great dates.

5 San Francisco Movie Scenes to Recreate on a Date

When in doubt, go to the movies. But not like you think. When searching for a great date, look no farther than scenes from SF-based movies. Filmbalaya, which covers the local film scene, picks a few fun SF movie dates.


San Francisco: How Hookup… Share a Free Scorpion Bowl at Smuggler’s Cove?

Come have a scorpion bowl on HowHookup’s dime — that is, if you can find a partner to share it with. Because the bowls are booze for two, we only buy ‘em if you have a drinking buddy.


5 Romantic San Fran Foodie Dates

Dating coach, dating columnist and wing-woman Beth Cook suggests her favorite foodie dates that are affordable, fun and super-romantic.


Wholphin Romance: 5 Unique and Ponderable SF Dates

Wholphin is a quarterly DVD magazine published by McSweeney’s, lovingly encoded with unique and ponderable films, so who better to recommend romantic activities than Wholphin’s curator?


Rock Out: The 5 Best Live Music Dates in San Francisco

Stacy Horne, Founder of My Spoonful, suggests her favorite live music dates, because, after all, there’s not much that brings two people together like a sweaty, crowded, boozy concert.


San Francisco Date Ideas: 5 Best Outdoor Adventure Dates

We asked our friends at Scouted — a bite-sized guide to getting out and enjoying your day from start to finish — to share their favorite dates that get your heart racing.


Sick of Downtown San Francisco? Here are the 3 Best East Bay Dates

Singer/Songwriter David Berkeley picks his favorite East Bay dates, which involve lake swimming, ferry rides and open mic nights.


The 3 Most Romantic Foodie Dates in San Francisco

Mission: Fruition picks out three of San Francisco’s most romantic foodie dates. So, the question is: are you hungry?


Take Muni, Break the Dating Rules

Take Muni on a date to demonstrate your urban cred