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Do Gay People Have Asymmetrical Faces? Maybe!

by Chiara Atik on January 23, 2020

A new research study shows that men who self-identify as gay tend to have less symmetrical faces than men who self-identify as straight, and somehow, people are able to pick up on this. Read more »


Suck at Relationships? Blame Your Mother.

by Andrea Bartz on December 19, 2020

Need a new scapegoat for your long line of failed relationships? A new study posits that your ability to love, trust and resolve arguments with loved ones stems from how your mom treated you as an infant. Read more »


Why We All Suck at Gauging Interest

by Andrea Bartz on December 15, 2020

Men overestimate women's desire for them. Women underestimate how much guys like them. But scientists insist the mismatch actually makes perfect sense. Read more »

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