Couple holding brooms

This Couple Got Caught Having Sex at Home Depot. At 8 AM.

It was awesome. Except for the whole “getting arrested” part. Small details.


This Banned Condom Commercial Is Helping Prevent STDs in Pakistan

How do you make a conservative religious nation think contraceptives are cool? Josh Condoms took a cue from punk rock: Piss off the censors.

Switzerland Sex Boxes

You Can Now Legally Have Sex In a Box in Switzerland

A safe place to have sex in public.

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Guess Which State Is the Most Addicted to Porn…

Last week, PornHub released a large collection of data. What was found was not only the most searched terms based on state, but the average time users spend on the site.


What It’s Like to Have Sex Every Day For a Year

How one woman got over her anxieties around sex, 356 days at a time.

From the car window

The Ultimate Guide to Sex: When, Where, and How to Do It Better

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sex, and then some.

Health Myth: Do Men Really Hit Their Sexual Peak at 18?

Is it really true that men are at the height of their sexual prowess when they’re too young to know what to do with it? It depends on your definition of peak.

not aprop

Do Not Use An Emoticon To Reveal Your STD Test Results!

A cautionary tale.

kids weird thoughts sex (3)

18 Hilariously Weird Things Kids Think About Sex

“I thought oral sex meant talking about sex. It got weird when my parents gave me the talk and I later told my older Bro how I had oral sex with mom and dad.”


This is The Nutritional Content of Semen

“The numbers that follow are rough averages based on a study of the physical and chemical properties of semen—published in a 2020 issue of the Journal of Andrology—that looked at a half-century’s worth of research and semen samples.”