My Sincerest Apologies To My Exes

These aren’t big regrets. These aren’t relationship-ending offenses. These aren’t the straws that broke backs, or watershed moments. They’re just little things that I’m sorry about.

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Nice to Meet You, No I Don’t Want a Drink: Dating After Sobriety

Dating While Sober can be a hassle, but to most of us, it’s worth it—mainly because we got sober to live as full lives as possible, a goal that includes finding the right mate.


The Inevitable Questions That Come Up During Your Umpteenth Wedding with the Same Plus-One

You begin to wonder when the next wedding spent with your better half will be your own.


Chasing “Happily Ever After”: Why You Should Wait for the Real Thing (And How I Almost Didn’t)

When we finally got engaged, it felt like the end of a long-fought battle that I had won. And as an overachiever, I liked very much to win.


Finding the Balance Between Caution & Joyous Free Fall: My 8 Dating Resolutions for 2020

“Every day there’s a new Facebook engagement but I have to remember: that has nothing to do with me. If I get married next year or 10 years down the line, my choices are still valid and I can still be happy.”


“I’m Going to Stop Texting People ‘I’m Going to Die Alone’” + More Dating & Relationship Resolutions

We asked our readers, contributors, and friends of HowHookup to tell us what they’d like to work on in 2020 when it comes to their dating lives or relationships. Here’s what they had to say.


In Defense Of Being A “Cat Lady”

Stop picturing the dilapidated house with the 86 unneutered felines scampering around every which way when we mention our cats.

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You Said It: The Best Gifts You’ve Ever Received from a Significant Other

From pre-punched coffee cards to toasters to vintage cigarette cards, these are the gifts you loved most — and why.


How a Couple’s YouTube Breakup Announcement Went from Twee to Beautiful

I was expecting something self-indulgent and cheesy. Instead, I found something beautiful, heartbreaking, and all too relatable.