A First-Hand Case for Taking The Date Offline

The evening was proof that endless messaging is a horrible way to get to know someone.


Prescott’s P.O.V.: Why You Should Just Give it a Shot

What people have misconstrued about online dating is that it’s not supposed to be an insta-fix. It’s supposed to be an option. And a fascinating one at that.


A True Story of a Very Bizarre Double-Blind Date

Why not? It’s good to say yes to things once in awhile, even if you don’t want to do them. Plus, now Ellie totally owes me one next time I need to call on her to be a wingwoman for me!


Five Important Lessons From An Actual HowHookup Date

I skillfully convinced The Writer to meet for a drink at Lolita instead, an activity that I assumed would be free of any sweat-related humiliation. FALSE.


Lakey’s Second HowHookup Date: When The Connection’s There, But the Chemistry’s Not.

Apparently this date was about literally breaking the rules — and laws. I witnessed a robbery and encouraged a dude to pee in a lake. Oh, also, he accidentally said I love you. I’m pretty sure that’s got to be on the top 10 list of first date no-no’s.


What Exactly Does it Mean to “Take it To The Next Level”?

And how, in a matter of seconds, did I go from smitten to panicked?


Sona’s New Motto: Ignore the Left Sidebar, Pay More Attention to Dates

Nevertheless, maybe it’s time to reevaluate what I consider my ‘type’ and date the unexpected. That means choosing more guys like Jared based on interests and personality, the types of dates he suggests.


Confessions of a Picky Dater

This is the latest post from Helen, our bi-coastal Date Reporter. She’ll be documenting her experience dating in both San… Read More


How to be a Bi-Coastal Dater

But come on! Me choosing not to talk to someone who I’ll never be in the same city with is very different from me telling someone I’ll be there every other week until January when it becomes a permanent move. I’m super cool! Totally worth the wait!


A First HowHookup Date: Let’s Talk Sex, Googling & Politics!

It’s official! I’ve given away my HAW v-card. I went on a date last Wednesday with a handsome real estate… Read More