So I Went to a Pheromone Party (and Almost Didn’t Get My T-Shirt Back)

Did I think that smelling a strange man’s dirty laundry would unleash heretofore hidden feelings of desire? No. But I did think fondly of an ex’s scent and the way I would bury my nostrils in his shirts whenever he left them around — almost as if the aroma itself had super powers.


18 Things Every Man Should Know Before Getting a Bikini Wax

If one of the red-flags holding you back from a manscaping trial is your fear of the NARB (No Apparent Reason Boner), you should know you’re not alone.


The Male Bikini Wax Diaries: In Which Kevin Gets Laid Way Too Soon

We asked three of our male contributors to get bro-zillian bikini waxes and write about it — and they actually did it. One of them, Kevin, didn’t quite follow post-op directions to the T.


The Male Bikini Wax Diaries: In Which Eric Gets Made Fun of By His Boyfriend

Almost immediately I felt like some sort of He-God who could take any amount of pain. Fight club? I’m in. Childbirth? Puh-lease. And then I remembered that I looked like my 11-year-old self with a groin-specific sunburn, and my ego deflated somewhat.


The Great Manscape: In Which We Make 3 Men Get Bikini Waxes and Tell All

The NYT said everyone else was doing it, so we sent 3 men out to get bikini waxes. One of them made a video set to music. One of them got dissed by his boyfriend. And one of them got laid immediately. Here are their stories.


I Tried It Tuesday: I Got Set Up By A Matchmaker, Part 1

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…


I Tried It Tuesday: Eye Contact and A Smile

Is making eye contact and giving a smile really all it takes to get a guy to talk to you?

Dating Outside Your Comfort Zone: My Date With the World’s Tallest Model, Amazon Eve

Eve was a cyclone of “firsts” for me — first date with a model, a boxer, a dominatrix, a wrestler (Eve told me she was in the process of auditioning for the WWE) or a woman taller than me. The effect was kind of dizzying.


Winging It: My Nights Out With a Professional Wingman and Wingwoman

I couldn’t help but wonder if one gender or the other would be more naturally skilled at ‘winging.’ Would a man be better at helping me to meet women because he’s used to doing it, or would a woman have the advantage?


I Tried It Tuesday: I Went on a Blind Date And It Was Livestreamed

Well we had a great time watching a blind date unfold on the DateCam last night, but what did the daters think of the whole thing?