How a 3rd Grade Valentine Ruined My Life

Any failure I’ve had in the initial stages of a relationship can be traced to Mr. Harris’ 3rd grade class.


Shut Up, Belle (Or, How a Disney Movie Guilted Me Into Going on a Date I Didn’t Want to Go On)

After all of this, you’re probably assuming that I emailed that man back, we went on a date, everything was wonderful and we are planning a casual but elegant Spring wedding. That’s the lesson I’m supposed to give you.


My 10 Year High School Reunion: Life is Not a Series of Check Marks, And Yet…

Explaining that I’m single and childless at 28 probably seems like some sort of failure to those whose entire lives consist of the world they’ve created with their families.


In Defense of Whimsy (and Fascinators and YA Fiction)

I realize that not every man I meet will love my quirks. And that’s okay! Because there are some guys out there with some super weird quirks of their own.


If You Could Know Exactly When You’ll Meet the One…Would You Want To?

If you could know the moment you’re supposed to meet the person you’re meant to be with, would you?


“But Do You Love Me Enough To Kill A Zombie?”

Like any other 20-something lady I spent my beach weekend reading teen novels about our not-too-distant dystopian future and forming a real-life plan for the pending zombie apocalypse.


The Excited, Sexually-Liberated Friend

Despite how prudish you may think you are, you are still someone’s Excited Sexually-Liberated Friend


Confession: I Find Happiness At the Misfortune of Others

I mean, I DO want those crazy kids to find love in this mixed up world. I just don’t want to spend my precious TV time watching that. I go to reality TV for one reason and one reason only: to watch a train wreck.


Wandering Around The Desert (Or, How ‘I Have Mono’ Isn’t a Great Pickup Line)

More tales about my trials to function in basic social situations so you can feel better about your own ability to interact with people you find attractive.


A Proposal: Let’s Stop Making ‘Wedding’ One of Life’s Key Check Marks.

I’m pretty sick of marriage being thrown around as the end prize for which everyone seems to be jockeying, and this wedding is one massive example of that trend.


The Truth About Weddings as a Pick-Up Spot

Whoever told you weddings are a great pick-up spot was LYING.


Wanted: A Dating Idol. (Will Settle For: The Internet.)

I’m going to get real with you for a moment: I’m in a dry spell. Like, Sahara Desert kind of dry spell. And when I try to break this little spell, the results are disastrous.


Love and Lobsters: When One Date Would be Too Many

Apparently you all got together and decided how to avoid giving someone your number, but NEVER TOLD ME.


An Open Letter to Crazy Women

I remember when I was 12 I looked at a photo of Prince William. And he was cute! And I was like, “someday I am going to marry him and be a princess.” But then you know what happened? I stopped being 12 years old.


Love & Lobsters: The Greatest Love of All

Making friends in your new city is important. If only because it limits the amount of awkward conversations you have with your cat.


Love and Lobsters: The Apartment Anthropologist

I wonder if there’s a support group for this — for those times when you finally see the apartment of the guy you’re dating, and it’s filled with…warning signs.


Love and Lobsters: The Must-Have List

The seven little things you must have/do/say to enter into my heart.


Love And Lobsters: The Crippling Question

I immediately freeze. Because there is no way to answer this question both honestly and in a way that’s still going to make you want to date me.


Love And Lobsters: Will You Accept My Rose?

Getting through the next few days without purchasing or receiving a necklace designed by Jane Seymore can be tricky, but keep faith! You can do it!


Love And Lobsters: 2 Simple Rules for Proper Beard Maintenance

As the daughter of an Armenian and a Jew, one might say that I have a genetically-explained affection for facial hair. But with my genetic pedigree also comes a bit of expertise in the facial hair department.