For The First Time In The History Of Ever, It’s National Singles Week!

Sometimes, all you need to do when all your friends are getting married is celebrate a little bit, because maybe they’re the ones missing out .


How to be a Bi-Coastal Dater

But come on! Me choosing not to talk to someone who I’ll never be in the same city with is very different from me telling someone I’ll be there every other week until January when it becomes a permanent move. I’m super cool! Totally worth the wait!


About That Time I Accidentally Ordered a $175 Steak on a Date



This Is Why I’m Single: Jason Segel

When he was in his 20s, actor Jason Segel was single. We think this might be why…


This Is Why I’m Single: Mary, From Salem, Oregon

If you’re single, it could be simply because you haven’t found the right person yet. Or, it could be something else.


This Is NOT Why You’re Single

News alert: it’s not your weight, your hobbies, or the fact that you’re looking too hard that’s keeping you from a relationship.


This Is Why I’m Single: Dara From Jersey

This is why Dara from New Jersey is single.

This Is Why I’m Single: Christina, From Indiana

This is why Christina, from Indiana, is single.

This Is Why I’m Single: Heather, From NYC

This is why Heather, from NYC, is single.


This Is Why I’m Single: Hillary From NY

This is why Hillary, from New York, is single.