How To Order At An Italian Restaurant Without Sounding Dumb (Or Pretentious)

You definitely don’t have to sound like Super Mario when you order your food, but here are some basic pronunciation guidelines to help you feel reasonably confident while choosing from the menu at an Italian restaurant.


Online Dating 101: The WORST Thing To Bring Up On A First Date

One of the questions on the HowHookup Dating Profile asks for “First Date No-Nos,” and many people seem to think that bringing up an ex is the absolute worst thing you can do on a first date. But is there something worse?


Sexual Performance Anxiety Leads To Cheating, Says Science

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Indiana suggests that men and women who are insecure due to inability to stay aroused or reach orgasm are more likely to stray.


NYC Date Idea: Go To The Beach On The Roof

The NYC skyline just got at least a little sexier with the addition of the Dream Downtown’s rooftop beach bar.


The Hottest Women In America Live In….

Maxim Magazine recently ranked 40 of America’s cities by how attractive the women are, along with other factors such as sports and nightlife. According to the mag, Atlanta ranks as the #1 “Man City”".


Your Gaydar Gets Sharper When You Ovulate, Says Science

It seems like all kinds of miraculous things happen when women ovulate, including a sharper sense of who’s gay and who’s not.


First Date Stories: The Dead Body

They were two total badasses searching for a badass significant other to complete their badass existence. So, where does one badass meet another?

Over a dead body, of course.


What Women Want: Disappointingly Little?

Time Out Chicago recently took to the streets of the Windy City, armed with a pen and a packet of sticky notes, to find out what women want. (The Mel Gibson movie of the same name, also set in Chicago, was inconclusive.)


Online Dating 101: Keep It Fresh

SOMETHING must have happened to you in the last six months. So why doesn’t your profile reflect that?


George Clooney Is Single Again: How To Win Him Over In 7 Easy Steps

Are you smooth enough to win over George Clooney if he should happen to walk into a room? These things take preparation.


Pigeons, Puppies and Perfect Days: The Top 10 Dates Posted On HowHookup This Week

As HowHookup continues to grow, the awesome, creative dates our users are posting just keep getting better and better. Here are the 10 best dates posted on HowHookup this week!


Emoticons For Dating, Sexting, And Playing Hard To Get

When emoticons were first invented, the world was a safer, simpler place. A smiley face was totally efficient way of responding to AOL chats. Now, we need something a little more complex.


Are You Superstitious About Your Dating Karma?

Most people are familiar with the concept of Karma, the religious cause-and-effect belief that your actions can affect your fate. But do you believe in dating karma?

New Profile Completion Features

You might not be aware of these new features on HowHookup, because they’re very targeted to specific users — but they’ll improve the experience for everyone. Here’s an overview.


DC Date Idea: The Sparkling Wine Food Truck

So this is a new one: a food truck that serves alcohol. The Freixenet Tastings and Tapas Truck (which has been nicknamed “The Black Bottle Bubbly”) is in DC this weekend and serving Cava, which is Spain’s sparkly wine.


Do You Have An Age-Gap Limit?

Have you ever given any thought to an age-gap limit? How many years is too much for you?

Sex Etiquette: Making The Bed, And Other Post-Hookup Gestures

Yesterday, after our post on sex etiquette, HowHookup columnist Joy Engel found me on GChat and asked: “Do you make the bed?”

Would You Ever Date A “Never-Nude?”

Turns out, “never-nude” isn’t just a fake condition made up for Tobias Fünke on Arrested Development: gymnophobia, or the fear of being naked, is a real affliction.


The Crazy Things GUYS do on Facebook

Do men have any stalker-ish/passive-aggressive-ish tendencies on The Facebook?


Will This App Help Your Dating Life?: Harem Thief

There’s a new “dating RPG” app on the market called Harem Thief. It’s gross, but will it help your dating life?