Vocab Lessons: Obsolete (But Sweet!) Terms of Endearment

Maybe you can impress your Words with Friends opponents with your new vocabulary.


Vocab Lessons: Vali-Dating

It’s not a nice thing to do, but we’ve all been there.


Vocab Lessons: Rounding the Bases Backwards

Sure, you’re supposed to start with kissing, but it doesn’t always work that way.

Vocab Lessons: Monogamish

Last week, Dan Savage turned over his Savage Love column to non-monogamous couples willing to share stories about how monogamy doesn’t work for them.


In Case You Weren’t Aware: The Other Meaning of “Santorum”

What if I’d been on a date last night with a dude who didn’t get my Santorum jokes? Part of me would wonder how politically and socially aware my date was if he missed this cultural reference.


The Illustrious Origins of “That’s What She Said” (with bonus varations!)

There is much debate as to the origin of this joke — which is now so deeply embedded in the lexicon that you’d scarcely be surprised to hear your grandmother use it.

Vocab Lessons: The Sock Gap

Last week, we talked about how annoying it is when guys leave their socks on in bed. Apparently, there’s a word for this.


Newly Coined Dating Slang: “The Friendicator”

“The Friendicator”, “Strategic Third Wheel” and “Designated Cockblock” are the top choices for what to call that extra person you bring with you on a Non-Date.


Vocab Lessons: Victorian Dating Slang

The Victorians were known for being pretty uptight about the relations between men and women. But this just means ladies and gents in the Victorian Era had to be extra-creative and surreptitious with their slang.


What Do You Call That Person You Invite To Make It Clear That This Is Not a Date?

Ok, you’ve done this: we’ve all done this. But what do you call the person you invite to crash plans so that the other person knows it’s not a date?


Vocab Lessons: Erotic SAT Words

Have we told you lately how callipygian you are?


“What’s The Deal With ‘Girl Dates’?” -A Guy

Wait, do guys not platonically go to nice dinners together?

On Dropping The Girlfriend Bomb

I often complain to my friends about “dropping the girlfriend bomb”, a term I came up with to describe the awkward way guys always let you know they have girlfriends.


Vocab Lessons: Dating Slang From “Clueless”

Brush up on your Cher Horowitz slang and go see Clueless in the park on Wednesday!


Vocab Lessons: Who’s In Your “Solodex?”

It’s like a rolodex. For when you’re… solo.


Vocab Lessons: Ever Had a “Bangover”?

Apparently, it’s a good thing!


Vocab Lessons: Are You In A “Stayover Relationship”?

There’s a new type of relationship to obsess over, this time courtesy of researcher Tyler Jamison, who noticed that most of her friends where “shacking up,” but still held on to their own separate apartments.


“Roast the Broomstick” and 99 Other Euphemisms for Sex

In an attempt to lessen possible confusion (but mostly for our own amusement), we’ve rounded up the 100 most common ways to refer to sex. Enjoy!


Vocab Lessons: Have You Ever Been Guilty Of “Ghosting?”

It doesn’t have anything to do with Swayze. Unfortunately.


Vocab Lessons: Bang Tidy, Courtesy Of Neville Longbottom

When male calls a female “bang tidy,” it means that they find them very attractive and worthy enough to have sexual relations with.