Hollywood celebrities love to complain about not having privacy or how the paparazzi are too invasive. But Natalie Portman’s recent secret marriage to longtime boyfriend/baby daddy Benjamin Millepied may have once and for all smacked down the myth that stars can’t do anything outside the public eye.

As last year’s reigning Best Actress, it was custom for Natalie to appear at the Oscars to announce this year’s Best Actor prize. She arrived at the event with professional dancer Millepied (whom she met on the set of Black Swan, the film she won her Oscar for) and did minimal press. It wasn’t until a day later that someone discovered both Portman and Millepied had been wearing matching bands on their ring fingers. And it wasn’t until today that Us Weekly managed to confirm that the two were officially married. In Hollywood time, that’s about three years. Even though the marriage is confirmed, Us had zero details about the wedding or when and where it took place, and Portman herself refused to comment.

In other words? It is in fact possible for an A-list celebrity to get married and not have anyone know about it. For her impressive secrecy and insistence on having a private life, Portman alone is a Celebrity Crush right now. But it seems like she found a partner who is as hot and as committed to a life outside of the spotlight as her, and that’s a pretty amazing gift. Also, their kid seems cute, despite the fact that we never saw a magazine spread of his first weeks. Keep on rocking, Portman and Millepied. I bet the dancing at your reception was killer.

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