I don’t know a lot about planning weddings, but I have seen the movie  ”Bride Wars,” and I know that popular wedding spots in New York are booked years in advance. But the folks over at Done, the new start-up which lets you employ people in the community for tasks and odd-jobs, is having a contest to help one impetuous couple get married in Central Park this summer.

According to BetaBeat,

“Engaged couples can submit their love stories to Done. New Yorkers will vote on the winners, who will be chosen in true collaborative consumption fashion by June 1. The wedding will take place before Sept. 15, the exact date depending on availability in the South Garden in Central Park.”

And in addition to providing the venue, they’ll give you $5,000 towards expenses. (You can use Done to find photographers, videographers, caterers, violinists, bartenders, and an ordained minister.)

So, know anyone who wants to get married, and quickly? Apply, apply, apply!

Oh, and please invite us to the wedding.

[BetaBeat: A New York Start-Up is Giving Away a Wedding]
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