Do you believe that you have one soul mate in the entire universe?

That’s a beautiful thing to think about, isn’t it? Oh wait. No it’s not. It’s pessimistic and unrealistic. If there is only ONE person for you, how on earth will you find them?

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A nice play-by-soul mate-play maps out exactly what this would look like, and what the odds are of it actually happening.

So say you have one soul mate, who has been predetermined for you. According to soul mate rules, you have no idea who they are, they could be anybody, and you will recognize them the moment you set eyes upon them, and a cute pop-song will start playing in the background.

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That leaves us with a few questions: is your soul mate alive? Or was she murdered in the Salem Witch Trials, or is he still waiting to be born to a random fisherman in Taipei (or to your sister? I mean… let’s explore ALL options, here.) Approximately 100 billion humans have ever lived, but only 7 billion are alive now. Sad news: if those people were all paired up at random, 90% of our soul mates are dead.

But for the sake of argument, let’s be positive and say your soul mate is alive and well at the same time that you are. Throw in age range (are you up shit creek without a paddle if your soul mate is 87 when you are 8?), gender, sexual orientation, culture, language, etc., plus the fact that you have to lock eyes with them for your magical soul mate moment (which is extra hard for introverts or blind people), and it turns out that only one in every 10,000 lives find their soul mates.

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If we could be sure that we do all have just one soul mate, I think that we would go to great lengths to increase these odds, by setting up soul mate roulettes and putting people on conveyor belts, as the article points out. So the idea of one soul mate (and one soul mate alone) must be illogical to most people. That is, I suppose, until they do find someone who might not be their soul mate, but feels like their soul mate. That’s pretty important, too. And for that, the odds are much better, and the search for them seems less ominous.

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