I want to make you Cinco de My Own.

Hello. I would like to celebrate you nationwide and regionally in Mexico.

That is not a burrito in my pocket.

I’d cross borders for you.


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That sombrero makes your butt look phenomenal.

I would love to stuff your piñata.

I “Cinc”-o you should take off your pants.

Let’s put the third X in Dos Equis.

Are you a frozen margarita? Cuz you just made my brain stop working.

Are you a Bud Light Lime? Cuz you look like a guilty pleasure.

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Are you from Mexico? Cuz you look like you belong under me.

You’re the Light in my Corona.

You put the Model in Negra Modelo. Or maybe just the “O.” I’m too drunk to tell.

Feliz cumpleanos?

Are you a bottle of Tabasco sauce? Cuz I’d like to lose your top.

Hablas espanol? No matter — my love needs no translation.

Eres una angel? Porque…uh… want a beer?

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Let me see your Mexican HOT dance.

Are you Cinco de Mayo? Cuz I’d like to think about you all night and forget about you tomorrow.


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