Well, this is fascinating.

According to Scientific American, a team of researchers at MIT took a group of 40 male and 40 female rats and fed half of them standard mouse meals and half of them junk meals. They then gave half of each group a supplement of vanilla-flavored yogurt.

The results?

First, the scientists noticed that the yogurt-eating mice were incredibly shiny. Using both traditional histology techniques and cosmetic rating scales, the researchers showed that these animals had 10 times the active follicle density of other mice, resulting in luxuriantly silky fur.

Then the researchers spotted some­thing particular about the males: they projected their testes outward, which endowed them with a certain “mouse swagger,” Erdman says. On measuring the males, they found that the testicles of the yogurt consumers were about 5 percent heavier than those of mice fed typical diets alone and around 15 percent heavier than those of junk-eating males.

And that’s not all:

In mating experiments, yogurt-eating males inseminated their partners faster and produced more offspring than control mice. Conversely, females that ate the yogurt diets gave birth to larger litters and weaned those pups with greater success.

So what does that mean for us? According to the article, a Harvard nutritional epidemiologist who’s been studying the association between yogurt intake and semen quality in human males says that his findings have been consistent with this study’s findings.

In other words, yogurt might not be the Official Food of Women* for much longer. [*Do click this link; it's hilarious.]

[Scientific American, via NextDraft]

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