Add fatty foods to the list of awesome things that can negatively affect the quality of your sperm (a list which also includes smoking, heavy drinking, recreational drug use, and balancing a MacBook on your loins). So much for fun.

A recent study published in Human Reproduction surveyed 99 male patients at fertility clinics about their dietary habits, and the results suggest a correlation between saturated fat intake and diminished sperm count. Respondents eating the most saturated fats averaged 35% fewer sperm than those at the other end of the spectrum. Conversely, men who boasted high levels of omega-3 fats tended to have higher-than-average sperm counts.

The takeaway: if you want to make a mini-you someday, you should elect for a fish and plant-based diet over one that relies too heavily on meat and dairy products. If infertile is more your style, keep inhaling Big Macs. Although the article does add this: “Eating better might not just have benefits for men’s reproductive health, but could be better all ways around.” Shocking.


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