Sure people say the French are romantic, but don’t discount the Irish. All those rolling hills, copious quaffing, and clovers make for a pretty romantic nationality. So in honor of the underrated romantic holiday that is St. Patrick’s Day, let the beer flow while you watch one of these super romantic films.
  1. Leap Year: Sisters are doing it for themselves y’all. Proposing and then finding a better, sexier option out there (sorry Adam Scott).
  2. The Boondock Saints: What’s more romantic than vigilante justice?
  3. Circle of Friends: Pregnancy entrapments, childhood loves, the Dublin countryside, and also Chris O’Donnell — does a movie need anything else to be romantic?
  4. Anything with Chris O’Donnell: Really the movie only needs CoD to be romantic. Everything else is superfluous.
  5. Any of the films from the Leprechaun franchise: Each movie has it’s super sensual merits, but you can argue that Leprechaun 4: In Space is obviously the hottest (duh, it’s space)
  6. Once: Romantic if you don’t pay attention to the ending and just jam to the music.
  7. My Left Foot: If he can paint with that foot, what else can he do with it? You know what I’m saying?!?
  8. P.S. I Love You: If Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler can find love, then really anybody can.
  9. The MatchMaker: Janeane Garafalo taught us how to love in The Truth About Cats and Dogs, and when she hoofs it to Ireland to for politics, she teaches herself how to love as well.
  10. The Crying Game: There’s someone out there for everyone — murderous IRA agents, pre-op transsexuals, people that like Boy George songs, the Irish.

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