I hope I’m not being too forward — I just came over to say “pi.”

I would pi for you.

I’d like to memorize your first seven digits.

The only thing that’s irrational here is me not getting your number.

I normally only date guys whose ratios can be expressed as integers, but I feel like we could be together for infinity.

Can I pi you a drink?

Text: hey qt-π

I think you’re cute, but I’m nervous you’re just going to use me to compute the circumference of the entire universe to the accuracy of less than the diameter of a hydrogen atom. :/

Here’s my number, 314.159.2653. Unfortunately we may never connect.

My love for you is like π, endless and irrational.

Are you a circumference girl, or a diameter girl? You know what, show me your pi and let me figure it out.

Don’t get jealous, you and π are both constants in my life.

Let’s go grab a slice of π and start a non-repeating conversation forever.

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