So much condom discussion this week, eh?

Planned Parenthood has apparently released 55,000 condoms that have barcodes on them which allow you to “check in” to let people know you’re having sex — safe sex.

While we’re obviously very onboard with the idea of protected sex, we’re not sure we’re quite as gung-ho about the idea of alerting the world exactly when and where we’ve had sex.

Not to mention the fact that fiddling with your smartphone and trying to capture the barcode of the condom before unwrapping it seems like it might…ruin the mood a little?

But maybe not!

What do you guys say? Would you ever “check in” to using a condom?

Also, if you missed CollegeHumor’s F*cksqaure sketch, this is a nice timely excuse to check it out.

[ABC News]

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