Last night, I randomly watched an old episode of Mad Men on Netflix. (Season 4, Episode 8: The Summer Man, if you’re interested.)

In one scene, Don Draper is seated with the young, beguiling Bethany Van Nuys at what looks to be a very fancy restaurant.

“Every date with you feels like the first date,” Bethany says nervously.

Yeah, I’ll bet.

While Bethany’s comment isn’t exactly a compliment (a third date should feel like a third date, not a first date), I found myself thinking that I wouldn’t mind going on a few dates like the one they seemed to be on, with or without Jon Hamm. They’re seated at a softly lit restaurant: she’s wearing a cocktail dress, he’s in a suit. They’re guzzling martinis, laughing over pasta, and taking their time over what looks to be a 2 or 3 hour meal.

A Mad Men date sounds pretty good, no?

Luckily, if you live in NYC, Eater has come up with an amazing list of restaurants and bars actually featured on Mad Men that you can still go to, from the Oak Room to Chumleys.

So now, you can pretend you’re Don Draper and Bethany!

Or…Don Draper and Rachel Menken.

Or…Don Draper and Dr. Faye.

Or…Don Draper and Betty.

Or…Don Draper and Midge Daniels.

Or…Don Draper and Roger Sterling, if you swing that way. (And if I swung that way, you can bet that’s a fantasy I’d be pretty into.)



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