Editor’s note: Meet Bianca. A few months ago, we filmed her on a livestreamed blind date; recently, she shared some post-SXSW lessons about dating rock stars. Check out her latest dating adventure below (and check back soon for more!).

I love being spontaneous and I hate the idea of the standard “let’s get drinks and ask each other personal questions” kind of first date.  I think this was evident in my DateCam livestream date, which was apparently named the most awkward date you will ever witness.

Recently a boy asked me out on a date. I responded, whatever we do, it has to involve dancing. He suggested we freestyle dance in the park and collect donations afterwards.  I said “If we make $20, we can get a drink with that money.”

As it turns out, this boy also cringes at the idea of “the ol’ sit-across-the-table-nurse-drinks-and-ask-how-many-siblings-we-have date”… his words not mine.  What ended up happening? Well, see for yourself:

And no, we didn’t make $20. In fact, we made $1.75. $1 from the parents of the kids who we essentially ended up babysitting and .75 which had fallen out of my date’s pocket while he was trying to do a handstand. We decided to get drinks afterwards anyway, given our ‘go-with-the-flow-down-to-do-anything’ attitude, and through a roundabout course of IRL “How Hookup…” suggestions, we actually ended up on a 12-hour, 6-date Marathon Date.

Marathon Date: A long distance event where multiple dates are had with the same person in the course of a day. Not to be confused with running a marathon on a date.

Here’s how it all went down.

Date #1:

The suggestion: “How Hookup… dance in the park for money?” (His idea.) Also commonly referred to as busking. It might be illegal. We didn’t really care, as we thought the best thing that could happen was that we would make a lot of money and go on an awesome date after and the worst thing that could happen was to get arrested. Which neither of us have before, and so it was something we could at least cross off our bucket list.
The result: See above.

Date #2

The suggestion: “How Hookup… go to my favorite bar, Sake Bar Satsko in the East Village?” (My idea.)
The result: We ended up hanging out with the owner, Satsko, and convincing her to make that night’s cocktail special a drink named after me and crafted with my essence. So the ingredients and personality were laid out. Nigori sake, yuzu lemon, simple syrup, lime, prosecco. Sweet, a little bit tangy, bubbly, and sort of leaves you wondering “what the hell just happened.” Oh it also gets you hammered (much like hanging out with the real Bianca does).

Date #3

The suggestion:- “How Hookup… get some dinner because I’m drunk off of too many Biancas*?” (His idea.)
The result: We wandered around the east village and ended up at my friend’s restaurant, L’asso, which I think has the best fancy pizza in NYC. We dined, talked about my theories on super villains and how it relates to real life and dating (no boring date talk pls), and got a free round on the owner after he found out we were there! See… we didn’t even need that $20 for a drink…

*the cocktail

Date #4

The suggestion: “How Hookup… go to my friend’s comedy show?” (My idea.)
The result: Um. Super funny times, in which many of the things brought up on stage were serendipitously things that we had discussed all day. Shots and beers, lots of laughs, and picking up my friend Greg to join us on the next stop of the adventure.

Date #5

The suggestion: “How Hookup… go to Lit Lounge where our friend’s girlfriend is working and have a dance party?” (Greg’s idea.)
The result: Seeing old friends. Ordering Jameson & Gingerales. DANCING.

Date #6

The suggestion: “How about… you take me on a Brooklyn adventure since I’ve never been?” (His idea.)
The result: We ended up at one of my favorite bars in my neighborhood out in Bushwick, Wreck Room, where we danced the night away, and attracted a group of 20 somethings to join us on the dance floor, ending the night much in the same way as we had started in the park (but with adults instead of children).

Number of activities had: 6
Number of hours elapsed: 12

This type of dating may not be for everyone. I will readily admit maybe 6 dates in half a day is a little extreme. But I strongly suggest that people do something out of the ordinary at least once. You just never know where it’s going to take you, and more often than not, the unexpected results are amazing, or at least make for a great story.

Bianca is a co-founder of Small Girls PR and lover of cotton candy, whiskey, dancing, rocking out, and boys (not necessarily in that order).  Dating is her favorite.  

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