They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The fastest way out? Sending a stream of unrequited and increasingly desperate text messages after the first date, like this girl did. Poor “Kevin,” the unwitting dude whose phone plays victim to this whole episode. Apparently he and “JJ” spent one magical night together — or at least she perceived it as such — because within twenty-four hours, she demands his whereabouts and takes serious issue when he has plans that don’t involve her.

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But it gets worse. Soon JJ divulges that she is “sitting in a stupid commuter lot cryn.” Kevin refuses to go meet her (or at least implies as much via non-response), so she proceeds to wait outside his house until one in the morning. Again, this is all happening one night after the two presumably met (or at least hooked up for the first time). The next two days bring more of the same, including JJ’s pathetic attempt to elicit jealousy from Kevin by “accidentally” sending him texts intended for other recipients. He also finally breaks his silence to relay the following: “i don’t feel comfortable seeing u anymore.”

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The takewasy: this is the complete opposite of attractive. A simple “I had fun” or “Let’s do it again some time” will suffice if you’re fishing for a second date. Even if you want to say way more. Resist the urge.