How much would you pay to be Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend? I ask myself every morning while I’m brushing my hair to “What Goes Around… Comes Around.” (It’s a lot.) Then I ask myself How much would you pay to be Justin Timberlake’s wife? (It’s even more.) And now I’m gong to start asking myself, How much would you make Justin Timberlake pay if he married you and then cheated on you? I think that’s what Jessica Biel must have done, anyway, to come up with the number 500,000. That’s dollars. That she’ll get. If Justin cheats on her while they are married.

I know there have been doubts of Justin Timberlake’s fidelity, and I think any woman whose husband is fawned over by thousands (millions?) of other women (and men?) daily would be worried about his wandering eye. But this pre-nup is creepy. If you’re that insecure about your marriage, maybe it’s not a great idea.

But then again, if Justin signs the pre-nup and then cheats, then you go, Jessica Biel. Go out and buy yourself somethin’ fancy. A half a million dollars can’t fill the void in your heart from an unfaithful husband, but it comes really, really close.

She’s also, according to Radar, being stingy about child bearing. ”If he’s faithful for several years, maybe she’ll agree to have a baby. She doesn’t trust him 100 percent yet. Jessica figures if she gets fat during pregnancy, he’ll cheat again.” Wow.


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