Let’s just be honest – Jack White is one bad ass mother f–ker. He’s an old school rockstar who smokes, builds his own guitars, shuns technology, but isn’t too high brow to make a record with Stephen Colbert. He’s also, if you really think about it — a bit of a player when it comes to bands (he’s been hitched up to various endeavors since his teens). Let’s look back on his most major partnerships and see what they reveal about his relationship style.

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Teenage Sweethearts (The White Stripes): Yup, he started with a doozie. A mythically complicated relationship with his literal sister wife, Meg White. At least we know from this that Jack doesn’t kiss and tell. He kept their divorce mum and kept their second break up even more civil saying one elegant thing and moving on. How mature. However, the only wearing two colors thing was a little creepy, so don’t forget that everyone has a flaw.

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Bromance (The Raconteurs): How did Jack first stray from Meg? With a few friends of course. Jack formed a much more bro-y band with a bunch of fellow musician dudes according to lore, while drinking whiskey in an attic in Nashville. Sure he was still “seeing” the White Stripes, but was his heart really in it? Or was his heart racing in soapbox cars with his hipster friends? Consider this his rebound.

Various One Night Stands (Loretta Lynn, Danger Mouse, Stephen Colbert, Norah Jones, Karen Elson): Well, no one can say he has a type.

Moody Rebound (The Dead Weather):  Jack went from jovial relationship to a heavier phase. Have you heard The Dead Weather? Moody. Here he can let this intensity flag fly. He can go deep and shoot his bandmates with machine guns and spend exorbitant amounts of time on solos. Jack even switched it up and decided to play drums instead of his usual lead guitar. It seems like he’s trying to disappear a bit in the relationship, which might explain why he sought out his next endeavor…

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Solo: And now Jack’s on his own, showing his tender sensitive side. It seems good so far, but frankly we’re not expecting this serial monogamist to stay solo for long.