Now that Jennifer Love Hewitt is on The Client List, she spends all day at work thinking about sex. But it turns out that her character is more subtle than she is. Jennifer has made no secret of her crush on Dancing with the Stars pro dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy. But this isn’t in “hilariously adorable Rosie O’Donnell obsession with Tom Cruise” territory. She keeps talking about him in interviews and even showed up at a taping of Dancing to cheer for him. Girl, we totally feel you on how sexy Maks is without a shirt on, but you need to dial it down a notch. Your desperation is showing.

JLH is gorgeous, and it seems like she doesn’t have trouble meeting guys. There’s even a rumor that John Mayer’s “Your Body Is a Wonderland” is about her. But there is nothing less attractive on a woman (or a man, for that matter) than trying too hard. Jennifer previously got herself in trouble when she contacted Ben Flajnik to tell him she loved him on The Bachelorette and they went out on a highly-publicized date before he ditched her to become The Bachelor. She also once spent her birthday in front of Tiffany’s wearing a full-on Audrey Hepburn dress and eating cupcakes while paparazzi snapped her picture. We’ve all totally fantasized about doing that, but actually going through with it — and having photographic evidence — is not a good look.

Being famous has lots of advantages. Lots of women think Maks (or Ben, or whoever else) is hot, but we don’t have any chance of ever meeting him. Jennifer, on the other hand, can work her contacts and actually get to meet whoever she’s crushing on. Maybe she could be a little bit more discreet and call her agent to ask for an introduction? I know she’s trying to get some publicity for her new TV show, but throwing yourself at dudes is not the way to get it. Just keep on being awesome and doing your thing, and then they’ll all come to you.

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