Tis the season: Adults everywhere are dusting off their gym sneakers and signing up for drinking sports leagues like ZogSports and WAKA in order to get some sun, some exercise, and (in many cases) some action. If you have a good (or bad) sports-related hookup story, email us at thedatereport @ HowHookup.com — and in the meantime, enjoy these kickball-inspired pickup lines.

Dating me is like playing kickball — so dangerous you have to sign a waiver.

Let’s get sweaty and winded together.

You look gorgeous in oversized polycotton blends.

I’m like kickball — there are a million better things you could do with your time, but you’ll end up playing me anyway.

I’m like kickball — unexpected exercise.

Bench me.

I love commitment — I’ve played on the same kickball team for 11 years!

Let’s get our kicks together.

Let’s put on matching shirts and act like idiots together.

Girl, I’d watch you from behind a chain-link fence.

I’m like a kickball — so big you need two hands.

My kickball team needs more girls.

Dating me is like playing kickball — you’ll need to get really drunk after.

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