You – Asian, orange leather jacket, doing homework or something
Me – brown leather jacket, too shy to talk

We kind of exchanged glances on the train, then you got up and stood next to me which kind of made shy. I had plenty of times to say something about your jacket but didn’t/couldn’t. I highly doubt you’re the type to go on CL, so maybe this is more a promise to myself that the next opportunity won’t pass.

-Orange Leather Jacket – N Train to 34th St. -m4w (Midtown)

You might feel like you’re wasting the day away reading Missed Connection after Missed Connection. Surely, you think to yourself, my brain cells are rotting. I am getting stupider, you think. See! Stupider isn’t even a word! But we can learn something from these snippets of crazy love life cris-crosses. And what do we learn from Mr. Brown Leather Jacket, Too Shy to Talk? Don’t be too shy to talk. See! He’s kicking himself! On the Subway, they always say: “If you see something, say something.” Well, if you see an Asian, Orange Leather Jacket, Doing Homework Or Something, say something.

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