There is no arguing that The 3 Second Rule is garbage. (In case you don’t feel like watching the video — a concept that shocks me — The 3 Second Rule states that you are allowed to eye other women (aka not your sexy girlfriend Lisa Gail) for 3 seconds and that ‘s it. Then you have to look away. In the video, she takes a gang of line-dancing cowboys to “3 Second Rule School” to teach them her method of encouraging a healthy balance of fidelity and friendly flirting.) All of the elements — Lisa Gail’s voice, the choreography, the song in general, the camel toe, the entire premise — are all too ridiculous to really get into. Yet, I love this woman. Clearly she is some wealthy Texan (my Texas-bred best friend Nikki Metzgar wagers we can thank Dallas for this one) who is experiencing empty nest syndrome and realized that her true passion is song-writing. And you know that she had this 3 Second Rule her whole life and she thought it was so clever and told all her friends and her daughter. And she probably thought, “this is going to be a hit.” And it was. I honestly love this woman. I love that she thought outside the box. Waaaaay f*ckin’ outside the box. And that she went for her dreams. She did this! Who among us can say the same?!

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And let’s talk about the 3 Second Rule for a moment. Is there any validity in letting your man scope out other woman for 3 seconds? I dunno. On one hand, it has been my experience that you can feel incredibly violated in less than 3 seconds. 3 seconds is enough time to do some damage. On the other hand, if you have to send your boyfriend to “3 Second Rule School”, you’ve got bigger problems that are beyond the scope of Lisa Gails’ insightful video.

In case you (like me) have listened to The 3 Second Rule non-stop since she discovered the video on Friday, save for the sad few hours the video was down, and you are sick of the song (not like me), rest assured. There’s more from this blonde bombshell. Check out her other hits, Lord Break The Curse, Blue, Dirty Girl, Johnny and June, and Your Easy On The Eyes (sic). I am a bit concerned because while I know nothing about country music, I do believe “Blue” is a Hank Williams song, yet on her website, she claims all responsibility for it. Many, many artists have covered that one, and I’m not quite sure why you would listen to Lisa Gail’s version. She might have a future in music here, but her selling point is definitely not her voice. She needs to make more videos with her buckaroo-backup dancers.

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Lisa Gail is so sweet, I just want her to hug me. For obvious reasons, her video actually reminds me of Jan Terri’s Losing You:

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Jan and Lisa Gail teach us a lot. A lot a lot. But most importantly they teach us to follow our dreams. If these ladies can, write songs and produce music videos, we can do anything. LITERALLY ANYTHING.

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