How’s this for a heartwarming proposal story: man takes his dearly beloved on a series of eight dates in one day, each of them situated in a locale that evokes some sense of nostalgia or special significance for the couple, culminating in his request for her hand in marriage, at which point he conjures a ring and she starts to bawl and everyone’s enraptured and they live happily ever after.

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Except it wasn’t exactly like that. Because Mike Duerksen, the man in question, chose to turn the above proposal into a lame attempt at fifteen minutes of Internet fame by live-tweeting the entire day from his cell-phone under the hashtag #MikeProposes. The stunt proved to be a viral success, eliciting over 700 responses from fellow tweeters, though I can’t help but think that he compromised something very intrinsic to a good proposal in the process. Namely, the fact that it should represent a personal and meaningful experience to the two people involved — not necessarily the entire digital world.

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How would you feel, for example, upon finding out that your new fiancé was retweeting other people’s tweets throughout the entirety of your special day together? Or fielding phone calls from the Winnipeg Sun about his stunt during supposed bathroom breaks? Or twitter-bantering with a jewelry store about purchasing wedding bands? Because Duerksen did all those things while his phoneless girlfriend followed him around Toronto.

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Wonder what he has planned for the wedding — perhaps a live-chat utilizing his new Project Glass frames?



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