A few weeks ago, on the heels of a New York Times article claiming that male bikini waxes are all the rage, we polled our readers to find out how they felt about the trend. For the men: Would they consider getting one? For the women: Would it be a turn-on,  or a turn-off?

The men were pretty evenly divided, though slightly more neutral/positive than negative — only 30% said they’d “never, ever get one.” Females veered more toward thanks-but-no-thanks (42% said they would “find it weird”).

Oh, and then there was the commenter who said her ex surprised her by giving himself a Brozillian with Nair and duct tape. (To be fair, she said she was “pleasantly surprised.”) Yeeeouch.

But that didn’t quite satisfy our curiosity. So we asked about 10 male friends, colleagues, and writers we knew: Would you do it?

Sure! more than a handful said.

No, but would you actually do it? How about tomorrow? Or this weekend?

A couple of the straight men balked; they were out. A few of the gay men wanted in, but had to say no because they’d all recently “manscaped” (shaving/trimming) and we didn’t have time to wait for the hair to grow back. In the end, we were left with three victims guinea pigs: a single straight guy, a sort-of-single straight guy, and a gay guy in a relationship.

The results? One of them made a video set to music. One of them got dissed by his boyfriend. And one of them got laid immediately.

Here are their reports. Let the games begin…and may the odds be ever in your favor.

“Once again, my wax-related predictions were incorrect.”

by Eric E.

As a gay man in New York, the notion of removing body hair is not a foreign one to me. In fact, I’m pretty sure I know some Chelsea residents who regularly pay people to forcefully remove their body hair; however I never though that I would find myself ass-up on a padded table with a middle-aged Latina woman tearing out my follicles in swift and terrifying blows.

Signing up for the “Ultimate He-Wax”, which is described as “the bare ‘man’-imum that will ‘wax’-imize your confidence”, my first thought was “what the f*ck am I thinking.” My second thought was “I hope my waxer is a good looking man,” shortly followed by “is ‘waxer’ the correct term?” Though the thought of someone getting all up in my man parts in search of unwanted hair is fairly awkward, I’d rather it be a young stud than some Hungarian-beast-lady.

[Continue reading Eric's story]

“Sunny side up now, and the real fun begins.”

by Kevin Armento

3:07pm EDT (4hrs 38min till waxing) My HowHookup editor emails me, reminding me I’d agreed to get a full Brazilian wax for a piece. Was I still planning to do it? If so, they need it in three days’ time. My stomach sinks: I had agreed to that, hadn’t I? What’s involved again? Can’t be too bad, right? Quick Google search. I reread Christopher Hitchens’s Vanity Fair piece. “Back, Crack, and Sack.”

3:49pm EDT (3hrs 54min till waxing) After calling seven different places, finally make an appointment at Bliss Spa on Broadway. Every other place was either booked, or “wouldn’t do that” to men. I text a handful of female friends explaining what’s about to happen, and ask for advice. All of them, without exception, offer the name of a well-known analgesic that should be consumed an hour before waxing. I call my roommate Taylor and tell him to meet me for happy hour.

“My name is Walker Loetscher and today I’m getting bikini waxed.”

by Walker James Loetscher

Our final guinea pig, Walker, made a (safe for work) video of his experience. Check it out — and if you’re considering the procedure yourself, you’ll also want to check out his guide to male bikini waxing.

What do you think? Would you consider getting one (or want your partner to get one)?