His onscreen character Mr. Schue on Glee seems to have a pretty good thing going on with Emma, but in real life Matthew Morrison needs some serious help in the dating department. Morrison did an interview with The Mirror, and since they’re a UK publication he decided to talk about a British woman he used to date. “I once went out with a Brit,” he said. “It was Kelly Brook… she’s not exactly the brightest bulb. We only went on one date…” Later, he went on to bash the TV show that made him a star, saying he’d tried to get out of his contract several times but couldn’t: “I have a really good lawyer but there’s nothing we can do — I’ve had offers recently for a few really cool movies but had to turn them down. It’s so frustrating. None of us realized when we signed up it’d turn into this — we thought it was just a show about kids singing and dancing. But I’ve done three years now, so I have another four to go — I literally cannot get out of it. It’s a great show, it provided me with my big break, but what can I do? Urrrgh.”

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Hey, Matthew? Could we chat for a sec? I totally get that sometimes you go out on one date with a person and then realize you’re a bad match. It’s normal, and that’s why we should date around and make sure we get to know someone before committing. That said, even if the real reason you never called a girl back is because you think she’s stupid, that’s not really a thing you should say out loud. Tell your friends when you go for a beer, but don’t tell a reporter. Especially not a tabloid reporter. Because at this point, I don’t know sh*t about Kelly Brook, but the only reason I might think she was dumb is because she agreed to go out on a date with your tacky ass. I bet you didn’t think she was stupid when you made out with her in front of all those paparazzi cameras, did you?

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