Last week, we touched on the topic of chivalry: which chivalrous gestures are obsolete, and which still have weight in 2020. I posited that the gesture of asking a date to text and make sure he/she gets home safe is touching and, in a small way, even gallant.

Unsurprisingly, reader feedback was divided.

Some people were in favor of the gesture…

“I agree 100% with the article. I went out with a guy who lived a little less than an hour of away from me and when I left his house, he would never called or texted to see if I got home okay and that was always a big deal to me. It wasn’t a big to him which is part of reason why I’m no longer seeing him. Call me crazy but those little things like that really speak volumes,” wrote one Facebook commenter.

And some people were not impressed. At all.

“I admit I’m rather touchy on the subject of chivalry, but I was actually nodding along with a lot of this…til I got to the actual point of the article and flailed at my computer screen going, ‘augh, noooo!’ I hate that line. HATE. It IS condescending BECAUSE he would never say it to a guy friend. The same with the dude waiting until you’re inside. If you do it for everyone, fine. If you seriously think the fact that I am female means I cannot safely get in my own front door without you sitting there, I am going to be ripping you a new one,” wrote a commenter on the article itself.

Still others seemed like they just had some issues to get off their chest…

“!!! All i’m hearing as of late mainly from U.S. women is constant bitterness, shallowness, complete anger and so many of these women just want to rip men’s heads off. H*ll we were just trying to be nice….No wonder so many men are completely ignoring U.S. women and going for foreign women….” O….kay then!

It’s clear that chivalry, as always, is a bit of a divisive issue. I defended my concept of it in last week’s article, but now I’m interested in hearing from you.

If we’re defining chivalry as a gesture that people do only in romantic settings, (otherwise it’s just generic politeness, right?), do you appreciate it (if you’re on the receiving end) or enjoy being chivalrous? Or do you consider it condescending?

Is chivalry something you even want anymore?

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