Scientists are saying that young women who react strongly to pictures of “appealing food” are more likely to gain weight in the next six months than women who don’t, and that women who react strongly to pictures of  ”sexual imagery” are more likely to be sexually active in the next six months than people who don’t.

A group of freshmen women’s brains were scanned while they were looking at pictures of delicious-looking food, the environment, and people. (The people were also naked and kissing.) Six months later, the ladies were asked back for a weigh-in and some surveys. If their brains had responded more strongly to the food pics, they were more likely to have gained weight. If they had responded to the porn-ish pics, they were more likely to report at least one sexual partner during the six months.

I’m sure there are places where people are going to be worried about looking at food porn and porn porn, now, for fear they will get fatter and/or sluttier. But what’s so wrong about eating more food or having more sex? Ladies, this is good news.

It’s good news for the gents as well. Guys, you go ahead and indulge, too, on this food porn site and your favorite porn site, whatever it is (WAIT TO GET HOME TO DO SO) in case this applies to dudes, as well. Plus, now you can finally take your weight-conscience ladyfriend out for some burgers and then have sex like there’s no tomorrow. The future’s so bright you gotta wear shades.

But perhaps we should all just continue as scheduled, because this study seems silly. I gained 15 pounds and had a(t least one) sexual partner in the first six months of college and I feel like that was pretty ridiculously common, not an indicator of what was going in on my brain. My brain wasn’t doing anything — that’s why it happened in the first place. I’m going to go test toddlers now to see if they cry when I take away their Happy Meals. K, byeeee.

[Live Science]

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