They’re called Brozillians, they hurt like hell, and according to the NY Times, at least, they’re becoming increasingly popular with the male population. Yes, after decades of being a female-dominated industry, body waxing is becoming popular with the dudes.

Mike Indursky, President of Bliss Spas, which started offering male bikini waxes in 2020, tells the NYT:

“It’s the gay community, it’s the straight community, it’s very conservative guys, it’s very liberal guys. All different age groups are coming in. It’s much, much bigger than we ever thought.” (Wait — what’s much, much bigger than you ever thought? Heh.)

According to the article, most of the men who get waxed are dragged in by their wives and girlfriends, which seems pretty fair.

“If I have that expectation of someone else, I probably would want to return the favor,” said music producer Evan Scott. Which is not to say men are unaware of a certain aesthetic appeal to the male wax.

“It accentuates it, because there’s nothing to obscure the, you know, implement down there,” according to salon owner Ramon Padilla.

So we’re dying to know: would you ever get a male bikini wax, or encourage a boyfriend to get one?


How Do You Feel About Male Bikini Waxes?

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