One Tree Hill costars (yes, that show is still on!) Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols recently announced their breakup after six years of dating. Before they got together, Sophia was briefly married to another One Tree Hill star, Chad Michael Murray. She also dated another one of her costars, James Lafferty. This breakup illustrates an important rule of dating: the only thing worse than hooking up with a coworker is hooking up with three of them.

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When you spend a ton of time at work and just so happen to work with super-attractive people, it’s easy to see how relationships might happen. (Exhibit A: the cast of Gossip Girl.) When Chad and Sophia first got together, it seemed as sweet and romantic as their characters on the show. But Chad supposedly cheated just after the honeymoon with his House of Wax costar Paris Hilton, and the love affair was over almost as soon as it started.

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I can’t totally blame Sophia for rebounding with another one of her castmates, but once you’ve already had one failed workplace relationship another one just seems like pushing your luck. But maybe this latest breakup will be a reminder that it’s okay to date someone who doesn’t work in the same industry as you. Maybe Sophia could meet a nice lawyer? Or a construction worker? Or a teacher? If she wants to take some baby steps, how about an actor who isn’t on the same TV show as her? The last thing anyone wants is having to work with people who could possibly share notes on what it’s like to make out with you. Talk about awkward.

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