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Dealbreaker: He Had Low Self-Esteem

There were always questions. They came with us to dinner. They showed up at the movie theater. They even crawled into bed with us.


A Grievance Against the “[So-and-So] is typing” Feature on GChat

Thanks for that unnecessary roller coaster of emotion, Gchat.

follow up

The Follow-Up Text: Do You Send One After a Date?

Is texting someone after a date to let them know you had a nice time that much of a dealbreaker?


8 Ways to Ace the First Five Seconds of Meeting Someone

You don’t have to make them decide to date you right then and there — you only have to keep them talking to you.


This Is Your (Male) Brain On Valentine’s Day

All we ask is that you exercise some patience. Forgive us the little embarrassments that will inevitably transpire. As you are about to see, we have a lot on our minds.


Feeling Anxious and Passive-Aggressive About Valentine’s Day? Try This Early Valentine…

…or not, if you still want to be in a relationship come Valentine’s Day.


4 Signs You’re Doing The Crazy Girl Thing

Don’t change your whole life for a man who hasn’t made it clear that you are a priority to him. Not making weekend plans because he “may” ask you out is not a good idea.


“Sorry I Ate All the Bread/Got Drunk”: The Pros and Cons of Waiting for Your Date At the Table, Bar, Doorway

If you arrive to your date before the person you’re meeting does, where should you wait for them?

Tell Me If You Think This Is Weird: I Keep A List Of Date Conversation Topics

Are you weird about dating? We’re here to help you figure it out! Today: is making notes of conversation topics before a date weird?


6 Perfectly Good Reasons To Be Afraid of Commitment

Being a bit spooked when it comes to partnering up actually may not be completely irrational. It’s likely that there may be reasonable concerns behind the hesitation which should be respected and addressed.

The Dating Wire: Shy Girl’s Guide To Sex

Also, Jim Carrey, we’re guessing a creepy video is NOT the way to Emma Stone’s heart…


15 Tips for Easing the First Date Jitters

When “picturing them in their underwear” isn’t gonna cut it.


Vocab Lessons: Date Downgrade

Today, in “things I didn’t know were a ‘thing’”: apparently, you can be demoted before your date even starts. It’s a practice that a surprisingly large number of my co-workers are familiar with.


5 Things To Keep In Mind When Having Sex With Someone New

We spoke to Men’s Health Girl Next Door Carolyn Kylstra and Nick Nadel of Guyspeak for their advice on how to deal with having sex with someone for the first time.


Can’t Get A Date? You Can.

Admittedly, I’m 5 years late on the bandwagon to this one, but last night while perusing Netflix Instant I came across the best show ever: Can’t Get A Date.


Sexual Performance Anxiety Leads To Cheating, Says Science

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Indiana suggests that men and women who are insecure due to inability to stay aroused or reach orgasm are more likely to stray.


Guys, You Have A Shot With Emma Watson (And Other Dream Girls)

She’s gorgeous, she’s super smart, she’s financially independent, seemingly nice, and, let’s not forget, a movie star. So why can’t Emma Watson find a boyfriend?


Super Shy? Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Dating Confidence

Being shy doesn’t have to be the kiss of death when it comes to dating. Take these 5 tips and start boosting your dating confidence today!

The Modern Romantic Gesture: 8 Ways Not To Screw It Up

The crazy, lovesick poet at the window thing is over. Unless you know for sure that the person with whom you’re smitten has a thing for crazy lovesick poets. You see what I mean?