18 Things Every Man Should Know Before Getting a Bikini Wax

If one of the red-flags holding you back from a manscaping trial is your fear of the NARB (No Apparent Reason Boner), you should know you’re not alone.


The Great Manscape: In Which We Make 3 Men Get Bikini Waxes and Tell All

The NYT said everyone else was doing it, so we sent 3 men out to get bikini waxes. One of them made a video set to music. One of them got dissed by his boyfriend. And one of them got laid immediately. Here are their stories.

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Can You Tell If Someone Likes You? [VIDEO]

Is it totally obvious or are you totally oblivious? How can you tell?

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What Women Look For in a Man [VIDEO]

This week, we found out what qualities women look for in a guy. Some of it’s pretty basic, some of it’s encouraging, some of it’s… kind of bizarre.

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What Really Attracts Men? It’s Complicated. [VIDEO]

We sent Date Reporter Kristin Campbell to the streets to find out what real men in the real world are actually looking for in a woman. What we found may (pleasantly) surprise you.

bad online dating photo

4 Pictures Every Guy Should Have on His Online Dating Profile

Let’s face it: profile pictures matter big time.


7 Good Reasons to Date a Short Guy

Here’s why you shouldn’t let a few inches stand between you and a great guy.


10 Things That Are Attractive About Awkward, Shy Guys

While the other ladies at the party are all up on that center-of-attention Gosling lookalike, you can have the shy guy all to yourself.


Dealbreaker: He Had Low Self-Esteem

There were always questions. They came with us to dinner. They showed up at the movie theater. They even crawled into bed with us.


5 Reasons Women Look Better in the Spring

If you’re female, this is definitely your season to shine (bloom?).


What Would You Do? She’s Got Pit Hair

I don’t mind walking through a briar patch to get to a picnic.


10 Surprising Turn-Ons For Men

Bonus points to the woman who can drive a stick shift.


6 Reasons Bald Men Are Better Boyfriends

You’ll never have to wonder if your man will look hot bald. He already is!


Surprise, Surprise: The Most Important Part of a Woman’s Dating Profile Is…

As frustrating as this is of the male sex, at least women know what they’re working with, right?


10 Things That Are Attractive About Girls and Guys With Glasses

Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses? We beg to differ.


Do You Dress “Slutty” Enough?

Sometimes, dressing a little provocatively is a good thing.


Do Gay People Have Asymmetrical Faces? Maybe!

A new research study shows that men who self-identify as gay tend to have less symmetrical faces than men who self-identify as straight, and somehow, people are able to pick up on this.


Being Confident Will Get You More Dates Than Being Attractive Will, Says Science

Can’t argue with science: Feeling attractive and acting accordingly will score you more numbers than simply being attractive. Here, we break down three fascinating studies that prove it.