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Can You Tell If Someone Likes You? [VIDEO]

Is it totally obvious or are you totally oblivious? How can you tell?


Let’s Talk About The 3 Second Rule

This is going to be a hit


What Would You Do? Your Friend’s Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her (But She Doesn’t Know)

“I don’t know what to do with this information but it’s driving me crazy.”


Ignoring Your Girlfriend to Tweet About How You’re Proposing To Her? You’re Doing It Wrong

How would you feel upon finding out that your new fiancé was retweeting other people’s tweets throughout the entirety of your special day together?


10 Girls You Should Never Date

You don’t want to date these girls.


The 10 Worst Things To Hear On A First Date

“You remind me of my ex.” “Just a sec, I have to text back my mom.”


Dating Don’ts: How NOT To Kiss

You know the scenario. . . he’s cute, you’re tipsy and so you lean in lay one on him and, BAM! His tongue is halfway down your throat, pulsing like a piston.


Marriage Proposals So Excruciatingly Bad You Will Probably Have To Look Away

It’s like getting kicked in the stomach by a team of 5-year-old soccer players. It’s just excruciating.


15 Common Sex Problems (& How to Fix Them)

Someone whose idea of “kinky” is locking their partner in a dog cage probably isn’t going to feel fulfilled with someone whose idea of “kinky” is fuzzy handcuffs.


10 Things That Are Attractive About Awkward, Shy Guys

While the other ladies at the party are all up on that center-of-attention Gosling lookalike, you can have the shy guy all to yourself.

Party Awkwardnes

The 8-Step Program for Attending a Party Where You’ll Probably See Your Ex

The first time you see your ex at a social event can be weird and awkward — if you let it.


The Ridiculously Simple Flirting Move For Shy Girls

Even the most wilting wallflower can work up the nerve for this simple and effective move.


Dealbreaker: He Had Low Self-Esteem

There were always questions. They came with us to dinner. They showed up at the movie theater. They even crawled into bed with us.


Cheating Isn’t Classy — But Neither Is Outing Your Colleague As a Cheater In His Obituary

Wow, awesome how they got that prostitution stuff in there.


8 Tips for Recovering Your Stuff After a Breakup

Tiffany’s bracelet: yours. Grandma’s Tiffany’s bracelet: not yours.


How to Tell Your Best Friend You Hate Her Boyfriend

If your best friend is dating the most offensive, obnoxious, gross slob in the world, should you tell her?


10 Bad Habits Women Have On First Dates

I’m sure you have lots of funny stories to share; just stop telling the ones that end in “You had to be there.”


Dating Diaries: So That’s Why You Don’t Give Your Number To Strangers

His last message read, “No response. I guess you want nothing to do with me so I’ll just leave you alone.” Well, yeah. That is about right. But it really didn’t have to end this way.