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4 Things To Remember When You Have No Idea What To Say To Her

If this doesn’t sound familiar, I salute you. You must be one of those swashbuckling and most enviable of gentlemen who has already conquered his juvenile fear of talking to girls and perhaps — gasp! — being rejected.


7 Advantages To Hooking Up Out Of Town: SXSW Edition

You know how when you were in Middle School or High School, everyone would hook up at sleepaway camp? SXSW is like a really, really big sleepaway camp, for grown-ups.


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7 Classier, Tougher, More Interesting Drinks To Order On A Date Instead Of Your Old Standby

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3 Times When It’s Okay To Accept A Drink From A Guy You’re Not Into (And 3 Times When It’s Not)

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“Sorry I Ate All the Bread/Got Drunk”: The Pros and Cons of Waiting for Your Date At the Table, Bar, Doorway

If you arrive to your date before the person you’re meeting does, where should you wait for them?

This Is Why I’m Single: Tracie From Austin

This is why Tracie, from Austin, is single.

10 Places To Meet Women (Besides Bars)

Meeting women isn’t easy. Meeting women that you’re actually interested in is even harder, especially when all you’ve got is the bar scene to rely on.


How to Date a Bartender

They work late and they get hit on constantly, but if you’re the flexible, not-so-jealous type, a barkeep could be right for you.


Philly Date Idea: Drinks With The Sphinx

Cute date idea alert! Every Wednesday night this summer, the University Of Pennsylvania’s museum of Archeology and Anthropology is keeping their exhibits open til 8:00 PM, and offering live-music and $5 martinis.


Dating Tips From Bartenders

Bartenders know more about dating than any of us, cause they’ve got front row seats to first dates and pick-up strategies every day of their lives.


How to Appear Interested Without Looking Desperate

If you can get past the grating title of David DeAngelo’s newest column for AskMen (“Top 10: Ways to Make Women Chase You“? ugh.) you might find yourself begrudgingly admitting that the man has some good advice.


8 Really Unattractive Things Guys Do When They’re Drunk

Last month, Scott penned the popular “6 Really Unattractive Things Women Do When They’re Drunk.” Well, turnabout is fair play, Scott!


Cougars vs. MILFs: What’s the Difference? Plus, the 10 Best Cougar Bars In America

What’s the difference between a cougar and a MILF? Does anyone understand this? Is the distinction that a cougar is “on the prowl?”


Maybe It’ll Become Your Song? Can’t Go Wrong with These 6 Boston Live Music Dates

Noel Coakley, founder of the annual New England Americana Festival (happening March 31 to April 2, 2020 at Church, is a generous fellow. He doles 6 live-music concert dates that’ll keep musical tension and spirits high.


Rock Out: The 5 Best Live Music Dates in San Francisco

Stacy Horne, Founder of My Spoonful, suggests her favorite live music dates, because, after all, there’s not much that brings two people together like a sweaty, crowded, boozy concert.