13 Signs He’s Cheating On You (That Should’ve Been Obvious to Me)

Fortunately for those being cheated on, it gets increasingly difficult for the cheaters to be discreet because their narcissism usually takes over and they start thinking they’re invincible.

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Have You Ever Been Broken Up With Via Text or Email? [VIDEO]

Arielle just got dumped via text message. Has this ever happened to you?


News Flash: You Can’t Sue Someone for Hurting Your Feelings

But you can gather around all your stuffed animals and act out an imaginary court case. (I won’t judge you, but that stuck-up polar bear might.)


Dating Diaries: Getting Back Together With My Ex for the Sixth Time

When he asked if I could spare an hour of my evening to have my cat teach him the Dougie (really sexy stuff, right?), I said why not?


“How Do I Stop Blaming My Boyfriend For Issues Related To My Ex?”

Pretend you’re packing for a trip and you can only bring essential items. Would you take a healthy, positive attitude and a sense of humor or would you pack anger and resentment?


The Dangers of Dating Someone You Feel “Meh” About

Ambivalence: Not exactly the best indicator of a healthy relationship.


Summer Months Are Bad for Relationships, Says Facebook

Spring is high time for romance — but summer is ripe for breakups. At least on Facebook.

Party Awkwardnes

The 8-Step Program for Attending a Party Where You’ll Probably See Your Ex

The first time you see your ex at a social event can be weird and awkward — if you let it.

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4 Ways to Turn Someone Down Without Looking (Or Feeling) Like a Jerk

Rejection: often equally painful for both rejector and rejectee.

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Dealbreaker: He Had Low Self-Esteem

There were always questions. They came with us to dinner. They showed up at the movie theater. They even crawled into bed with us.


Dating Diaries: The Non-Break Up Break Up

When he said, “We should hang out this week,” I didn’t really have the guts to just flat out say no on the spot. I think I nodded silently.

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I Broke Up With My Girlfriend on Her Birthday — Was That So Wrong?

I’d rather be honest than just go through the motions, even if the timing is unfortunate.


A Winning Formula for Your Celebrity Divorce Pool

It’s tabloid fame that dooms you.


8 Tips for Recovering Your Stuff After a Breakup

Tiffany’s bracelet: yours. Grandma’s Tiffany’s bracelet: not yours.


How to Tell Your Best Friend You Hate Her Boyfriend

If your best friend is dating the most offensive, obnoxious, gross slob in the world, should you tell her?


Are Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Kaput? The Stress of Long Distance Relationships

I can’t be the only person who wants Rachel McAdams and Ryan to get back together, right?


An Open Letter to My Ex-Boyfriend’s Future Girlfriend

Make sure you are comfortable handling and cleaning up human feces. [Redacted] has a tendency to miss the toilet.


8 Situations That Will Test Your Compatibility

Nothing says “relationship test” like a bunch of IKEA parts that need assembling.


The Break-Up Tipping Point: When Does It Have to Happen In Person?

I say unless you’re “exclusive,” you can do it by email. But everyone else seems to think I’m wrong.