Broke Lovers Rejoice! Budget Date Ideas That Don’t Make You Look Cheap

Your itinerary may be rather unassuming, but instead of seeming cheap it seems quirky, creative, and really cool.


Improv Team Stages Extravagant Date for Unwitting Couple

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Whenever it is, here are 50 ways to celebrate National Kissing Day.


The 5 Best Heavy Metal Love Songs

Heavy metal music has a lot of attributes, but “romantic” generally isn’t one of them. These are the exceptions.


How Hookup… Go Celebrate Free Cone Day

Guess what? It’s FREE CONE DAY, the third greatest day of the year after your birthday and the end of Daylight Savings Time (more sleep!). How are you going to celebrate?


25 First Date Ideas That Aren’t Simply Dinner, A Movie, Or A Drink

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Our 10 Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Dates

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What Do You Want in Our New Couples Site?

Whether you’re married, dating for a couple years, or have just made the decision to “go exclusive”, this website is for you. Help us create the service you’ve always wanted.


Awesome (and Free!) NYC Date Idea: The Great GoogaMooga

“How Hookup … sample some delicious food and drink, catch some live music, frolic around Prospect Park, and try not to abuse the word ‘GoogaMooga’ too many times throughout the day?”


8 Situations That Will Test Your Compatibility

Nothing says “relationship test” like a bunch of IKEA parts that need assembling.

don date

How to Date Like Don Draper in NYC

Jon Hamm not included.


Picnics, Artistry and Lingasms: HowHookup’s Spring Dating Trends

After analyzing the 500,000+ dates you’ve posted on, we’ve pinpointed some fun spring date trends. Turns out, once the flowers start to bloom, HowHookup daters love to smell them. And eat in their midst. And draw (literally) from their inspiring beauty. And a whole slew of other things that actually have nothing to do with flowers.

Jessica Tom Community Director

Hi, I’m Jess, Your New Community Director

You’re why HowHookup exists, and I’m here to make sure you get the most out of it.


10 Reasons Breakfast for Dinner Is the Best Date Ever

National Pancake Month has come and gone, but breakfast for dinner is delicious year-round.


5 Stupidly Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Date Romantic

Rose petals (or Eiffel Tower trip) not required.


How To Make Your Boyfriend a Romantic Dinner

Thank God it’s almost Valentine’s Day. I mean, it’s not my favorite holiday, but I have been waiting all year to romance my boyfriend using Edith Zimmerman’s phenomenal tips in her hilarious piece, “How To Make Your Husband a Nice Dinner” and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to do it.


4 Great NYC Dinner Date Spots

You’ll want to use the wet naps.