The Pros and Cons of Being “In a Relationship” on Facebook

Better to let it all hang out, or keep certain things to yourself?


Timehop REALLY Wants You to Remember Your Last V-Day. (Hope It Was a Good One!)

Social media nostalgia machine Timehop, which sends you a daily email reminding you what you did a year ago on Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram and Facebook, has a bug that’s causing it to remind users what they did last Valentine’s Day….over and over and over again.


Hey, Girl. Cheer Up: Found These Channing Tatum Video E-Cards For You.

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What You’re Saying By Contacting People Through Various Means

Facebook wall post: “I don’t really have anything to say to you, but I desperately want everyone to see me having something to say to you.”


5 Ways to Not Freak Out If All Your Friends Are Engaged (And You’re Not)

“She’s engaged?!? I can’t even get one good date!!”


You Know It’s True Love When She Gives You Her…Facebook Password?

Our grandparents exchanged pins, our parents exchanged letterman jackets, and kids these days are exchanging…Facebook passwords.

“I Liked You Better on Facebook”

We’ve all been there, right? Being smitten with someone on Facebook and then meeting them and… oh wow, oh no. What happened? Ouch.


Christmas Miracles Do Happen: The Year I Finally Hooked Up With My High School Crush

I felt a Revenge of the Nerds kind of victory as I shot off droll replies to my crush’s earnest questions about living in NYC and acrobatic word plays about classmates. I’d done online dating, and this was called foreplay.

11 Little White Lies People Tell On Dates

How many of these totally harmless little white lies have you told on a date? Be honest, we won’t judge….


The 10 Best Search Terms That Brought People to HowHookup This Week

For your enjoyment.


The Last Single Girl in the Bible Belt: What Saturdays Look Like When You’re Single

Every Saturday holds something a little different, unless you’re single.


You Can Keep Your Fairy Tale — I’ll Stick With Reality

There’s a troubling trend in today’s wedding culture that’s hitting both former high school classmates and Kardashians alike: the obsession with a “fairy tale wedding.”


Win a Copy of Haiku for the Single Girl! (Plus, Check Out Our Party Pics)

As we’ve mentioned before, Beth Griffenhagen’s first book Haiku for the Single Girl is “sadly, hilariously relatable.” Enter now to win one of five copies we’re giving away!


9 Things To Do When Someone You Like Friends You On Facebook

Your crush just friended you on Facebook? Calm down. Don’t panic. Follow these instructions exactly.


Have You Ever Dated Out Of Your League?

So, yesterday I was on Facebook and a guy I’d once hooked up with popped up on my Newsfeed. So, I clicked his profile, flipped through a few photos, and thought “…Damn. He was WAY out of my league.”


7 Tips For Dealing With Social Media After A Breakup

As Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher might be on their way to finding out, technology has made messy breakups even messier. Here are some tips on how to tactfully deal with the demise of a relationship — online.

Tell Me If You Think This Is Weird: My Boyfriend’s Sister Looks Exactly Like Me. Exactly.

Maeve couldn’t help but notice her boyfriend’s sister looks a lot like her. Should she run for the hills?


Avoid Unnecessary Dating Drama: How to Hide Activity from Facebook’s Ticker

Facebook’s latest changes make it nearly impossible for your Facebook friends not to track your every move on the site. This could cause some problems — here’s how to avoid them.

50 Actual Ways To Leave Your Lover

Say you need space, Grace. Get back together with your ex, Lex. Post it on her wall, Paul.


The Dating Wire: Terrible Sex Advice From Rockstars

Turns out, rockstars aren’t as good in bed as they’d have you think.