Engagement = Purgatory, and Other Happy Thoughts From a Recently Engaged Guy

There’s nothing like getting engaged to make you realize how little faith some people have in you.

“What Can Be More Agonizing to a Sensitive Soul Than a Man’s Boredom at Meals?”

I mean, if he’s not beating you, the least you can do is vary your dinner routine as a thank-you.

5 Incredibly Sweet Things Husbands Say About Their Wives

Five husbands get gushy on how their wives changed for the better after the wedding.

15 Photos of ‘The Single Best Moment’ Of Peoples’ Lives (Guaranteed to Make You SmileCry)

Last night Sports Illustrated reporter Richard Deitsch asked people to tweet a picture of the single best moment of their life.

rooftop view east river

How to Sex Up Your Marriage: Buy a Downtown Pied-à-terre, Says the Times

Today’s New York Times has a lovely trend piece about wealthy New Yorkers deigning to venture below 59th street and buy pieds-à-terre in — gasp — downtown slums like the West Village or Tribeca.

What Does the Supreme Court’s DOMA Ruling Mean for You?

This morning, the Supreme Court struck down DOMA, the Defense Against Marriage Act, which declared that marriage was exclusively reserved for one man and one woman. We spoke to a matrimonial lawyer to find out what exactly that means.

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The Average American Gets Married at This Age…

Every year a woman delays marriage, her chance of divorce decreases. Good reason to take your time and choose wisely.


Photos of Famous Musicians In Love

Flavorpill has collected 25 wedding photos of famous musicians, and it’s really fun to look through.


What Is Arranged Marriage Really Like?

“My parents’ marriage was arranged. They met the day they got married. They’ve been married for 25 years. They’re still madly in love.”

The 5 Hottest Wedding Trends This Summer

Whether you’ve been hitting up weddings every weekend since April, or have yet to don your dapper duds, here are the five hottest trends you’re likely to see at nuptials this year.