8 Signs Your Rich Boyfriend Is Probably a Jerk

“Alex is European, and who knows what he’ll think of you if you order beer.”

bankrupt. empty pockets

“He’s Broke; I’m Not. How Do I Tactfully Say I’m Not Expecting Him to Spend Money On Me?”

How do you suggest splitting the bill without seeming tacky or presumptuous?


5 Stupidly Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Date Romantic

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Mark Ballas and Tiffany Dunn

Mark Ballas’ Girlfriend Wrecked His Car – What Should You Do If It Happens to You?

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The Top 10 Things Couples Fight About

Stress-related arguments between couples are at an all time high.

Matress time

OWS: Is a Good Protest The Best Possible Aphrodisiac?

The tales of free love and rampant promiscuity at Zuccotti Park may just be a result of human nature. After all, it’s easy to see how the protest environment breeds love … or at least the illusion of.


What Are the Hard-and-Fast Rules of the Check-Reaching Game?

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5 Reasons Why Being Broke Shouldn’t Affect Your Dating Life

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Turn-On Or Turn-Off: Guys Who Flaunt Their Money

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Does the guy pay? Do you split the check? Here’s what really works in 2020.


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Vocab Lessons: Date Downgrade

Today, in “things I didn’t know were a ‘thing’”: apparently, you can be demoted before your date even starts. It’s a practice that a surprisingly large number of my co-workers are familiar with.