NYC: 10 Great Foodie Dates You Should Go On This Weekend

NYC: Rooftop Drinks, Tomato Sodas, and 8 More Great Weekend Date Ideas

In search of weekend date idea inspiration? Check out these delicious dates we’ve rounded up with the help of our friends at Eater.


I Am Of The Opinion That I Dated A Polite Homosexual

Homosexuality in a boyfriend isn’t a deal breaker. Neither is it my preferred mode of operation, but my point is I can swing it if I have to, most especially because I like having sex in the dark.


Meet Megan, Our New York Date Reporter

Introducing HowHookup’s Date Reporters, a new series featuring real, live singles from all over the country who are giving you… Read More


20 Pickup Lines For The Subway

I may have been waiting for this train for 20 goddamn minutes, but I’ve been waiting for a girl like you my whole life.


Friday Mix Tape: 10 Love Songs For New York City

Spread the love.


50 Reasons New York City Is The Best Date City In The World

“Give Me Your Tired, Give Me Your Poor, Give Me Your Huddled Masses.”


Are the “Best Cities for Singles” Actually the Worst Cities for Love?

Places praised for being the best cities for singles are the best cities for single people to STAY single, making them actually the worst.


10 Things You Can Learn About A Girl By Observing Her On The Subway

Do you play that game where you think, “If this train derailed and was somehow pulled to another dimension and we had to procreate to keep the human race alive on the new planet, who would I bang?” I do.

wine event revised 2

NYC Event // Wine Blending Pictures are Up!

Thanks to everyone who came to our Wine Blending night at Brooklyn Winery. See the photos here!

BK Winery 2

NYC Event: HowHookup…Become Winemakers for the Night at Brooklyn Winery?

We’ve partnered with Brian Quinn and Brooklyn Winery to bring NYC guys and gals two nights of wine blending in their gorgeous new atrium.


NYC: Join Us for a Special Edition of Accomplice — the Show That Takes Place on the Streets

We’ve partnered with Accomplice to bring you a special edition of their crazy unique experience that’s part walking tour, part immersive theater and part real-life game.

beIMAGED Wedding Photography

Need to Plan a Last-Minute Wedding? This Site Can Help

A Central Park wedding giveaway for procrastinators.


Quiz: Can You Rank The Cheapest Dates In The World?

New Yorkers — if you thought your city was the most expensive place to date in the universe, you were wrong.


April 3 // Eater Dating Trivia Night at Má Pêche

Small bites, drink specials, and a raffle for dinner for two at Má Pêche, Oh My!


Did “Sex and the City” Ruin Your Life, Too?

Are young women too impressionable to watch Sex and the City? I was.


Awesome (and Free!) NYC Date Idea: The Great GoogaMooga

“How Hookup … sample some delicious food and drink, catch some live music, frolic around Prospect Park, and try not to abuse the word ‘GoogaMooga’ too many times throughout the day?”

don date

How to Date Like Don Draper in NYC

Jon Hamm not included.


The “Shame” Subway Stare: Have You Experienced It?

Do not look away. The energy can only build. Now they know it wasn’t an accident and that you’re really looking at them.


Basically Guaranteed Hook-Up: 6th Annual No One Goes Home Alone Party

At the (6th Annual) “No One Goes Home Alone” Party, no one goes home alone! Drink, dance, schmooze and scmooch your way through the night.


4 Great NYC Dinner Date Spots

You’ll want to use the wet naps.