The Perfect First Date in 40 Objects

Behold the perfect first date in 40 objects (and a couple of gestures, if we’re getting technical).


11 Beds That Will Freak Out Your One Night Stand

I am so turned on right now. NSFW! NSFW!

Businessman Throwing his Money Around

10 Things You Need To Know About Dating A Virgo

Just because Virgo is the sign of the virgin doesn’t mean that they’re going to be totally vanilla between the sheets.


What Your Favorite Shot Says About You On A Date

Here’s what your favorite slam-it-back beverage is signaling to your suitor.


10 Reminders That The Dumb Thing You Said On Your Date Wasn’t The End Of The Universe

We can’t all be winners all the time.


4 Universal Dating Mistakes We Can All Learn From

Dating seems basic: you show up, someone else shows up, you enjoy (or don’t enjoy) each other’s company. Easy, right? Wrong.


10 Steps To Nailing A Date When You’re A Coughing Mess Of Sickness

Order a Ny-Quil on the rocks and call attention to your wittiness with a coy, seductive giggle.


5 Games For Date Night That Could Very Well Lead To Sex



What Your Favorite Fast Food Says About You on a Date

On the off chance that you consider fast-food the height of date night dining, here’s what your favorite spot says about you.


8 Signs Your Date Is Too Drunk

Yeah, they’re drunk

-Chatter Box

10 Things It’s Okay To Reveal On A First Date

“I felt like I was so nervous that I couldn’t talk, and was out of conversation topics. So I brought up ‘Shower Belly’.”


Dating Advice From A Playboy Bunny: 5 Ways To Be A Smart Bunny

In the begining your only job is to have a good time on the date, not to meet a spouse, soulmate, or anything ultra serious, even if it’s your end result.


This Is Why Your Date’s Distracted, Says Science

How do we manage to even talk to each other?


10 Hot Rock Climbing Pickup Lines To Rock Their World

The rock climbing gym: one place where it’s acceptable – in fact, it’s expected – to stare at someone’s ass (as they scale that boulder).


Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Good Idea, Bad Idea?

I don’t want to end up like Katy Perry.


5 Date Night Movies Perfect For Any (Weird) Combo Of Film Preferences

He likes Will Ferrell comedies but she is sick to death of him and his friends quoting Anchorman in lieu of actual conversation? Watch…


10 Universal Truths That Will Help You Bond With Anyone On A Date

“We have so much in common!”


10 Ways To Impress Someone At A Bar

Might as well tattoo “I’m a sloppy mess” or “I still wish I was in college” on your forehead.


10 Ways To Make The Park The Most Fun, Romantic Date Spot On The Planet

The place is absolutely crawling with blissful couples. It’s downright sickening to a bachelor such as myself.